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Anonymous asks:Im considering to give my bf a sexy naked pics of me, can u give me some tips and how should i pose and stuff :3 thank u aaand i love ur blog btw <3

thank you !<3 but what makes you think i would be the right person to answer this…? :-D

first of all tho, you need to be 100% sure that you can trust him. you need to feel safe enough that you can be sure he’s not gonna share your pics no matter how bad a fight or possibly a break-up would happen. you don’t want to end up having yourself all over the internet like that. if there is even the tiniest touch of doubt, never send the pic.

after that, i think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with ? maybe start with something that doesn’t show too much ? it probably (obviously) depends on what you think is the sexiest about your body. and your boyfriends opinion might matter as well… just pose however you want i guess, your bf most likely finds you sexy in all poses imaginable. (;

i’m sorry if this isn’t helping at all… i tried D-:


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im always like hell yeah i’d survive an apocalypse and then i remember sometimes I nearly faint in the shower because the water is too hot

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